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Cooking with cold pressed rapeseed oil

Salads & Dipping

Because our rapeseed oil is cold pressed, we have preserved the mild and nutty flavour of the oil making it perfect for salad dressings, dipping and finishing dishes.  We particularly recommend drizzling our Lemon Infused for finishing a light fish dish or the Basil Infused with a salad of beef tomatoes and mozzarella!

Roasting & Frying

Bath Harvest in a truly versatile oil.  You can also heat it to a high temperature, higher than olive oil in fact making it ideal for all your hot cooking like roasting and even stir-frying!  In fact rapeseed oil loves a hot oven so much it will give you brilliant golden results every time.  Our top tip is of course Roast Potatoes, which are amazing cooked in a little rapeseed oil – if you haven’t tried this, you really must give it a go!


You may not think of using rapeseed oil in cakes and baking but it does work and produces exceptional results with a light moist sponge!  Stick to cake recipes with a base flavour such as chocolate, carrot or lemon for example.  As a general rule substitute equal amounts of rapeseed oil for butter (e.g. 4 oz for  4 fl oz or metric 100g for 100ml).  There are lots of recipes to try on our recipes section below, one of our favourites being the chocolate brownie!

The Best Roast Potatoes

Rapeseed oil makes the most amazing roasties!  For best results, choose a white floury variety of potato e.g. Maris Piper or King Edwards.

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Bini’s Mustard Spiced Potatoes

This amazing recipe is by local Indian cookery school owner and teacher Bini Ludlow from Sweet Cumin.  She has shall we say ‘a way with spices’ and the use of brown mustard seeds adds amazing flavour and extra crunch to roast potatoes!

For more information go to the Sweet Cumin website

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Home made Harissa

This is a versatile and simple recipe and when you’ve done it once you’ll want it to become a staple of your fridge. Anything that involves wanging a load of ingredients in to a dish, popping it in the oven and forgetting about it can’t be a bad thing. There are of course variations on this theme but I find this one the most pleasing.

I like to think of Harissa as the North African version of pesto. You can use it to marinate, as the base for a dressing, mixed through cous cous or spread on crunchy bread with slices of cucumber and a chunk of halloumi.  I like to stir a spoonful through houmous and for any other inspiration just look to the lovely Ottolenghi.

Using the award winning rapeseed oil from Bath Harvest brings an extra richness of colour without over powering all the other flavours.


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Sweet Potato, Courgette & Chicken Risotto

This recipe is pretty much made up by me as risotto is a family favourite in our house and a good ‘use up what’s in your garden’ recipe so it’s adaptive and tasty. Roasting the veg before adding to the risotto at the last minute concentrates the flavour a lot more than cooking in the pan with the rice.

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Bath Harvest Chocolate Brownies

This is our signature bake and its just so easy as we keep it simple by using store cupboard ingredients.  You can of course make it extra special by adding a few treats!

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Coconut Oaty Traybake

A versatile tray bake, similar to flapjack that will entice your children into the kitchen.  Jazz up the recipe by adding dried fruit of chopped nuts if you wish.

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Banana Bread

Believe it or not, this is a pretty healthy cake!  It uses banana and honey to sweeten instead of refined sugar and our rapeseed oil is a healthier lower in saturated fat alternative to using butter. This can easily be converted to gluten free too!

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Health Benefits

Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil is a healthy heart oil and is recommended to help reduce Cholesterol.  Some other benefits include;

• Low in saturated fat
• High in Omega 3
• Natural source Vitamin E
• Trans-fat & GM Free
• Vegetarian & Gluten Free



I make a heck of a lot of humous for markets, events and Food Assemblies and Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil is perfect for this. I use a mix of rapeseed and good quality extra virgin olive oil to add a great flavour and an awesome orange hue to boot. Having made my way through the winding lanes to Wilmington to the fields where they grow their crops, I can visualise its origin, adding to the cooking and consuming experience. The fact it’s produced in a chemical free environment with the bi-product going on for use in cattle feed on their farm makes me happy too and fits in with the whole ethos of my business.

Beth Al-Rikabi
The Free Range Chef

We’ve been using Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil over 5 years now and find it second to none for its fresh, nutty flavour and the wonderfully vibrant colour which brings any dish to life. It goes down extremely well with our clients who appreciate, not only the flavour, but also the fact that it is produced locally. At the recent Bristol Life Awards dinner for 600 guests, we served a Homewood Cheese feta and spring vegetable salad with a Bath Harvest rapeseed oil & lemon dressing which went down a treat.

A massive thanks to Debbie & all the team at Bath Harvest.

Exec Head Chef Tom Green
Fosters Event Catering

I’ve been using Bath Harvest Rapeseed oil for years. I like using ingredients grown and made by local foodie friends. I particularly enjoy the Bath Harvest flavoured oils. I use the lemon & basil oil as a dressing on potatoes, pasta, fish, salads and dips.

Simi Rezai
Simi's Kitchen

I love Bath Harvest because it’s delicious, it’s local and they produce really great oils. Debbie showed up at the pub one day with a sample and I thought “Yeh, lovely” and I’ve been using it ever since.

Hd Chef Josh Eggleton
The Pony & Trap, Chew Magna

I’ve been using Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil for over 3 years. I love the depth of flavour and it works extremely well in all aspects of our cooking. Keep up the good work!

Dave Bonner, Head Chef – Coombe Lodge, Blagdon.

At Demuths Cookery School we choose Bath Harvest rapeseed oil for all our English dishes, its robust nutty flavour goes well with strong tasting root vegetables. It makes the best and most crispy roasties.

I like to use Bath Harvest rapeseed oil as a healthy alternative to extra virgin olive oil, for salad dressings and making crunchy caper croutons.

We like to support local companies and buy local produce and Bath Harvest fits the bill….grown, harvested, pressed and bottled in the countryside outside Bath.

Rachel Demuth
Demuths Cookery School, Bath

When we set up Vale House Kitchen it was very important to us to use the best local ingredients we could find. When we discovered Bath Harvest Rapeseed oil we knew we had found a real gem. We use it on all of our courses. Thank you Debbie for such fantastic oil!

Bod & Annie Griffiths
Vale House Kitchen - Country Skills & Cookery School, Timsbury, Bath

I have used Bath Harvest Oil Extra Virgin rapeseed for my award winning cookery school and also for the spicy ready meals. The nutty flavour works perfectly with the spices, adding depth in flavour as well a golden colour into each dish . The oils flash point, is ideal for slow cooked dishes such as The Best Ever Lamb and Spinach curry and Moghul Chicken Curry. For vegetarian curries okra and potato, mixed vegetable curry, dhals and vegetarian rice dishes lend themselves to its flavours perfectly.

Bini Ludlow – Cookery Teacher & Owner
Sweet Cumin Indian Cookery School, Clapton, Somerset.

More fantastic recipes can be found on the RapedeedOilBenefits.com website!

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