Cooking & Recipes

Cooking with cold pressed
rapeseed oil
Salads & Dipping

Because our rapeseed oil is cold pressed, we have preserved the mild and nutty flavour of the oil making it perfect for salad dressings, dipping and finishing dishes.  We particularly recommend drizzling our Lemon Infused for finishing a light fish dish or the Basil Infused with a salad of beef tomatoes and mozzarella!

Roasting & Frying

Bath Harvest in a truly versatile oil.  You can also heat it to a high temperature, higher than olive oil in fact making it ideal for all your hot cooking like roasting and even stir-frying!  In fact rapeseed oil loves a hot oven so much it will give you brilliant golden results every time.  Our top tip is of course Roast Potatoes, which are amazing cooked in a little rapeseed oil – if you haven’t tried this, you really must give it a go!


You may not think of using rapeseed oil in cakes and baking but it does work and produces exceptional results with a light moist sponge!  Stick to cake recipes with a base flavour such as chocolate, carrot or lemon for example.  As a general rule substitute equal amounts of rapeseed oil for butter (e.g. 4 oz for  4 fl oz or metric 100g for 100ml).  There are lots of recipes to try on our recipes section below, one of our favourites being the chocolate brownie!