New! Bath Harvest Natural Soap

1 Aug 2016

Coming soon…

Traditional soap which is hand made using quality natural ingredients is still popular with lots of people for lots of reasons.  Whether you use them for sensitive skin, reducing waste or just because you like the old fashioned ‘bar’ of soap, we thought this product would lend itself beautifully to our artisan natural rapeseed oil.  So after a lot of research and an extensive search to find the right local soap maker, we are very excited to give you the first peek of our new product! These are our handmade natural goats milk soap made with 1/3rd of our own cold pressed rapeseed oil. What you see in the picture is a test batch which is currently being used and reviewed by family & friends before we give the green light for the first batches to be made.

On the left is a Lavender & Thyme bar. The little black flecks you see running through is in fact the crushed rapeseed husks, which acts as an exfoliant. Clever eh? On the right is a Lemon & Honey bar with oatmeal. We have used our own Lemon Infused rapeseed oil in this one.

Watch this space or check our Facebook Page for further updates including an introduction to the Somerset soap maker we will be working with.  Making soap by hand is a slow process but the results will be well worth the wait.