Rapeseed Oil Explained

The Crop

We grow around 100 acres of Oil Seed Rape on the farm each year.  It is part of the Brassicaes (or cabbage family) and is there fore a useful rotation break crop for us, replacing vital nutrients into the soil.  We sow the fields in September and harvest the following year in August depending on the weather of course! The seed is then stored in a purpose built seed barn until needed – we do not store oil!

The Process

Our rapeseed oil is traditionally cold pressed, a single chemical free process which preserves the natural qualities of our oil creating a uniquely subtle, bright and light nutty flavour perfect for all your cooking and drizzling needs. We waste nothing in the process of making our oil, as the bi-product known as ‘cake’ is a high protein cattle feed we use directly on our farm.

The Result

We are very proud of our rapeseed oil.  Provenance takes a part in the results you achieve year on year.  There are three important elements which can influence the quality and flavour of British cold pressed rapeseed oil – seed variety, soil quality and type and of course the weather!  We maintain consistency in quality by growing a single variety of seed each harvest.  The soil can also be maintained and nurtured through modern farming practices.  The weather however is a law unto itself and can be the biggest challenge to farmers!

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